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Writers Block - Find an Article Topic in Minutes Anytime Anywhere with These 7 Tips Guaranteed!

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One question I get asked all the time is how to you get Ideas for your Articles? How can you churn out 5 Articles in a Day? Use these 7 Tips and You too will be able to Churn out Article Topics in Minutes Anytime Anywhere Guaranteed!

As you go through your daily routine Article Ideas present themselves all the time you just need to pay more attention to what you do and How You Do It.

As an Example Today I was looking over my Web Site Counter to see which keywords Web Surfers were using to Find my Web Page. Basically I look over the referred by logged and click on the link to see where the Surfers came from. If it happened to be a Search engine I look at the Search Term and My Position in the Search engine.

A light bulb went off in my head Wow I could write an Article about that. I jotted down in my blog to write an Article on How I find Article Topics. Like many of you I operate an Online Home based business. I use my DVD-RW to backup my critical Home Based Business Files. That's an Article just waiting to be written.

Here are 7 Ideas that will enable you to find a Limitless Number of Article Titles

1 - Procedures

Any of Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly Procedures are Ideas for Possible Articles. Like the Procedures I used to Back Up my Computer or Look over my Web Site Logs

2 - Write a Review

Did you read an Interesting Book, Use a Good Piece of software find a great Web Site then Write an Article.

3 - New Product

Write an Article about a new or Recent Product or Development in your Industry or company.

4 - Overlooked or Little Used Product

In your Profession are there any overlooked or little used products. Write an Article About it.

5 - Recent Accomplishment

Have you or someone you know received any awards. Have you or someone you know done anything Special Lately.

6- How To Guide

You can write a How To Article on Virtually Any topic. Need some ideas, go to a book store or online Bookstore and look at the Titles of all the Dummy Books.

7 - News Stories

Newspapers, TV News,Radio News, Magazines ,Technical and Trade Journals are all sources of articles

Over the Last Few Days some stories in the news have been about surging Gas Prices, A Computer Virus and Tropical Storms in Florida. Now that you have 3 Stories do a quick Brain Storm and Write Down possible Article Headlines for Each Story. Don't worry if you can write the Article Just Jot down the Headlines, Some will become Articles.

High Gas Prices

  • 10 Ways to Save Money on Gas
  • Every Thing You wanted to Know About Alternative Fuels
  • Tips for Car Poolers - How to Save Money and Make New friends
  • 5 Simple ways to Fix-Up Your Car and Save Gas Dollars
  • Hybrid Vehicles are they Cost Effective
  • Solar Power and Your Home Gas Bill
  • 7 Energy Conservation Tips for the Home Owner
    • Computer Virus

      • Will that Free Virus Software really Work
      • 3 Free Spyware Programs Reviewed Which is Best for You
      • 3 Virus Programs Reviewed Which is Best for You
      • Can Spam Blockers Reduce Your Risk of an E_mail Virus
      • Which Browser Offers the Best Virus Protection
      • Choose Your Browser Carefully or Get a Virus
      • Viral Marketing The Good Kind of Virus
      • 7 Ways to Protect your Computer from Spyware and Ad Ware
      • A USB Disk Drive Cheap Back Up Insurance
      • Why I run 2 Virus Checkers and SpyWare
      • Fix your Registry
        • Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

          • Do you have enough Flood Insurance
          • 10 Things you should do before that Hurricane Comes
          • Road Tips if you are Caught in a Hurricane
          • Damaged by a Hurricane, 10 Questions you should ask your Contractor
          • Hurricane Damage Don't Fix that Roof Until You Read This
          • Federal Disaster Relief
          • Low Cost Loans to Fix Your Home
          • Will Your Homeowners Policy Cover the Next Natural Disaster
            • Wow 26 Possible Articles from only 3 News Stories. How many Newspaper Stories are their in any Given Day.

              Still having problems writing Articles One of the Easiest Types of Articles to write is 7 Tips or 10 Tips Type articles. You know something like 7 Tips to find an Article Topic

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