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Your Resourcebox Giving You Profits?

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Rule number one - You must write ezine articles and submit them to publishers and content sites.

Rule number two - You must include a resourcebox that gives you profits, subscribers, link popularity etc or what ever you want from your resourcebox.

Tips how to get good response from Your resourcebox:

***1. No more than 7 lines:

Longer the resourcebox, it is difficult to scan through. Afterall most people first scan documents, articles to get an outline of what is about. So try keep less and only important bio in the resourcebox.

If you have 10 web sites, don't be temptated to keep all web site urls in resourcebox. Bad way of advertising. Select one free give away product, one flagship product and keep those two urls in your resourcebox.

***2. Give something free:

DON'T try to sell products through your resourcebox. Try to grab the details of the reader like email address. If you have his email address, you sure can do follow up him.

***3. URL issues:

Try to avoid these-

  • forget to keep urls
  • long urls
  • direct affiliate links with out some cloacking
  • misspelled urls
  • broken urls
  • nothing but urls in your resourcebox
  • hyperlinking to your url with 'Click here' word. Try to expose your url.
      ***4. Link popularity:
    • Keep only urls in the resourcebox. Email links don't improve your web site link popularity. So if you want to keep your ezines subscription link, keep your web site form link like Not

      ***5. Take care of words:

      • Don't use all capitals
      • Avoid hype words
      • explain your product in 2 - 3 lines
      • Always include benefits
      • If possible use the word 'free'
      • misspelled words
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