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If you have a newsletter or knowledge you wish to share with others, you might think about making your own ebook.

First of all, for those who might not know, an ebook is electronic publication that people can download as one file and later read, just like a book on their own computer.

There are some standards for making ebooks. I think that two most popular types of ebooks are ebooks with an exe extension and with a pdf extension. On the Net I see mostly ebooks made in exe extension (I've, made my ebook with that extension).

Good program for making ebooks is

Web Compiler -

Why you should make your own ebook?

First of all, the ebook will represent you as an expert in your field. Therefore, people will start to trust what you have to say to them.

When you promote your ebook you will obtain some important benefits. For example, advertising. Now, you could sell ad space in your ebook, or you could swap links with others. In both cases you will get a significant benefit.

In the first case you will get some money, in the second case you will have your advertisment placed on the website or in the ezine of the person you have exchanged with, which will promote your site and your ebook to many more.

Also, making an ebook is a useful tool for collecting items together, for example articles you have published in your newsletter. Then, people who at the time of original publication had not been subscribed to your newsletter will have opportunity to read your articles in one handy format.

To sell or not to sell

When you make your ebook you have to decide whether you will sell it or if you will give it away free. When I made my ebook, I decided not to sell it. Everyone who wants to, can download my ebook for free. Although, I don't get any money for my ebook, there are other benefits.

For example if you give out your ebook for free many more people will be able to read it. If they think that they have found quality info there, it is most likely that they will subscribe to your newsletters. Also, they could recommend your ebook to their friends. It will give you free advertising.

When you make your ebook you can place it on your web site for download. I wouldn't suggest you put link on your web site so that just everyone can download it. The better solution is to you put a form where you will ask your visitors some info in exchange. Less is better.

For example you could ask them to tell you their name and email address. Then you will know how many people have downloaded your ebook and collecting their email addresses is very important so that you can stay in touch with them to offer them updates, etc.


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