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3 Simple Steps on how to Get Unlimited E-Mail Accounts for Pennies a Day

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As an Online Home Based busy owner you will reach a point where all those free E-Mail Accounts just don't work anymore. It is possible to get Unlimited E-Mail Accounts for Pennies a Day just follow these 3 Simple Tips

1. Register a Domain Name

You can use any Registrar you like For a list of accredited Registrars you may want to visit Internic Godaddy has a Reputation of being a low Cost high Quality Registrar

2. Find A Web Host

You need to be very careful about which Web Host you pick. It is possible to get a Reliable Web host for about $5 a year. Go to and do a search on Web Hosts for under $5 a Month with unlimited E-Mail Accounts and you will be shocked How Many Hosts for $5 a Year or Less you can Find. Be sure and read the user Ratings as well as the Downtime Reports for the Web Hosts. You want one with favorable user comments and very little downtime.

A Note about low Cost Web Host's. Do not use a Low Cost Web Host to set up a Massive Web Site. They just won't give you enough Bandwidth or Disk Space. Only use a Low Cost host for small Web sites and/or E-Mail Accounts.

3. Setup E-mail Accounts

Once you have your Host you can Set-up Your E-Mail Accounts. Most Web Host's allow you to set up at 4 Different Types of E-Mail accounts.

  • Pop 3/SMTP
    These are your Standard E-Mail accounts you use with Outlook

  • Forwarders
    These E_mail Accounts work like redirect URLS. I have an E-mail Address called I have an Account but all mail that is sent to actually goes to The Real power of this is that I can have an unlimited number of accounts Forwarded to Like and
  • Similarly I may have and all going to

    Another Twist on Forwarders. Let's say you have many Domains. Domain1, Domain2, Domain3 and Domain4. You can actually forward to

    Any E-Mail account that has other accounts Forwarding E-Mails to it are Collection Accounts.

  • Default
  • This is a real Special Collection account I like to think of it as The Catch-All Collection Account. The Default E_mail account is like a Lost and Found let's say somebody sends an E-Mail to and that account doesn't exist it then gets routed to

  • Auto Responders
    Most Web Host's will allow you to set up a Limited autoresponder that only sends 1 Return Message
      Is it Really Just Pennies a Day?
      In Step 1 You registered a Domain for $10 a Year Tops. In Step 2 You Found a Web Host for $5 a Year So for a Grand Total of $15 a Year less the 5 Cents a Day you now have Unlimited E-Mail Accounts.
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