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A Little Secret That Produces BIG Results

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What if I told you that with each passing day, you are losing dozens of subscribers to your newsletter? As you read this, you are probably losing potential customers, and taking money right out of your own pocket.

Don't panic, I have a secret I want to share with you.

It is important to remember that what separates the top Internet marketers from you, is using small, but effective techniques not known to the masses.

Are you a victim of the dreaded 'thank you page' syndrome?

A visitor comes to your site, subscribes to your newsletter, and you send them to a page that looks similar to this:

Your subscription to our newsletter has been confirmed.
Thank you for subscribing.
Please click on this link to return back to our site:

Does this look familiar? If so, try to resist the urge to slap yourself in the head.

This mistake is costing you an extra 40-50+ subscribers each day. Feel the pain that is building in the pit of your stomach? Go grab a bottle of Pepto Bismol, I'll wait. This is very painful stuff to hear I'm sure.

I don't want to see you suffer any longer than you already have. So let me reveal my little secret.

Many top Internet marketers use what is called "Co-registration" to build their lists quickly.

You can implement this technique easily with little to no cost, in a matter of hours.

To use this strategy effectively, you first need to find at least five publishers with newsletters similar to yours.

Once you have found suitable newsletters to exchange subscription information with, you will simply place your JV partner's information on your "Thank You" page.

You can see an example of how it is done by viewing my newsletter thank you page. Once a visitor subscribes to my newsletter, they are sent to this page:

As you can see, my new subscriber now has an opportunity to subscribe to all of my partners' newsletters.

The new subscriber then places a checkmark by the publications that interest him or her, and clicks subscribe. Voila! I have just sent my JV partners a new subscriber.

Do you see how powerful this is? If you get ten publishers to JV with you and each of them sends you five new subscribers per day, that is an extra fifty new subscribers each day!

Using this technique alone, you will add another 1500+ subscribers each month to your newsletter.

Since building your list is the single most important thing that you should be doing online, adopting this strategy will easily help you to increase your circulation and sales.

The money, as they say, is in the list.

I have made a list of resources to help you create your co-registration strategy at:

By implementing co-registration into your overall marketing strategy, you will be one step closer to becoming the successful marketer you always dreamed you could be.

Copyright 2004 Jason Tarasi

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