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Build Your Opt-In List Today

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There are many services available to help your with building a opt-in list. I am going to show your how to start building your opt-in list starting today right now this very minute. It not hard, in fact it is very simple. All you need is a little time, a free ebook or report, and an auto responder service that is it.

As mentioned you need a good, well-written ebook or report to get this started off on a good note. This can be something you have written or it can be from someone well known. It's totally up to you just keep in mind that the topic should be something to people want to know more about or how to do something.

I have used this technique to build my list, it is a slow process but it works well. Of course the first thing you should do is read the ebook or report that you are going to be using as the "bait" for building your list. That's right I said, "bait", essentially that's what it is because you are presenting it to the world if they are interested they will bit by providing you with their name and email address.

This is the overall goal of this process, you want them to take action, request a copy of what you are offering. No more, no less.

Okay, now that you have read the ebook you are going write a brief description of what the ebook is about no need to write much all you basically need to say is how good or bad the ebook is. Does it help solve your problem if it did, how and why it solved your problem?

Next your are going to build a one page site with a cover of the ebook (if available) along with a sign up form that you will set up through your auto-responder system. Upload your new page to your server. Depending on what system you use they will have to confirm their request to join. You should also note on your sign up page that they must confirm their request so that they immediately check their email right away so they receive the ebook fast.

Lastly, you have to set up your message in your auto responder system; this is how they will get the ebook. Be sure to thank them, you could at this time also give them an unannounced bonus that was never mentioned at all. This will surely be a hit, since they were not expecting anything more other then the free ebook or report.

Now all you need to do is promote your new page offering your great free ebook or report that all visitors just can't do without. You could do this with all free informational products you have, there is no limit to the number you can offer it is a great thing if they are new, with fresh content and not the same stuff all over the internet. You will have no problem getting sign-ups especially if its something in demand, people will want it if they feel it is of value.

Michelle is a mom, wife full-time worker outside the home plus runs a home business part-time. She recently started a new business learn more about that by visiting her at

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