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Building Your Own Goldmine - The Golds In The List

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The best way to make money on the Internet is to build an opt-in email list and then promote one product after another to your list.

The purpose of your web site is to build a list. If you're doing anything else first then you could be missing out on long term success.

Focus on building your list...and then selling the products once the people get to know, respect and trust you. Give great content to your list first, so they are rewarded for giving you their details.

Then sell to them about every fourth or fifth time you contact them.

Your web site should be telling people the benefit's of joining your list.

Then, after someone joins it, you can take them over to the main product you want to promote.

It's a good idea to offer a smaller value product first to your new prospects. It's their first chance to buy from you. So you only want to show potential customers one purchasing option at a time (So they don't get confused).

Pick a product which gives you a good amount of commission with a low cost product because the first sale is usually the most difficult.

The purpose of this first product is NOT to make a profit. That would be a bonus! The aim is to gain the customers trust and get them into a buying pattern.

The only purpose of this first product offer is to try to break even on generating leads.

Once you know the lifetime profit value of your customer then you can bank on making money from later sales.

You can place more ads to building a list and plan on profiting later. Just be clear on what your outcome is.

To make a profit later all you have to do is offer the extra products you have or find and keep finding new offers or even package products up to sell at a discount.

Remember sending out emails to your list won't cost you any extra money so maximize your initial advertising investment by marketing to your existing list!

As the old saying goes...Most businesses don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan!"

Look at your online business as a long term venture and plan for the future not just for the now!

Scott Wilson - Internet Business Opportunity Creator and owner of and

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