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Can You Win The Battle By Using A Toothpick?

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Every business needs a low cost way to reach targeted customers.

Email marketing is by far one of the most effective and inexpensive methods of advertising available to you.

The benefits:

1. Direct communication with prospects and existing customers

2. Plenty of room for your message. Your space isn't limited when you can send to your own list

3. Facilitates testing and tracking. You can experiment with new approaches to boosting conversion rates on a pre-targeted group.

Not only is email marketing very low cost (it's virtually free once your sales meet your overhead expenses), it is also a super fast way to rake in profits and test new products.

Imagine having your own database of prospects. The results of your marketing efforts are doubled when you've captured these prospects. The bulk of long-term business profits come from repeat sales and repeat customers. The only way to acquire a repeat customer is to stay in contact with him.

Constant communication is your ticket to building trust and credibility. A new customer always feels hesitation when engaging in a relationship with an unknown business. Yet, if you communicate with that customer on a consistent basis, you soon overcome their reservations about doing business with you. You come to know each other and build a bond of familiarity.

If you're ever in doubt about the value of list building, ask yourself this question: "What would I rather do? Spend all of my resources seeking out one-time customers over and over again, or build a relationship with a large pool of existing customers who trust me and are responsive to my offers?"

Yes, if you use email correctly, it's a laser gun. If not, it's just a toothpick to be ignored.

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