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Email MarketingTips - 3 Reasons Why Business Must Use Email Communications

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Whether a company sells light fixtures to large corporations or provides stock analysis to CEO's they should all be using the power of email on a daily basis to:

1. Create customer loyalty

2. Improve customer satisfaction

3. Retain loyal clients

4. Educate prospects

5. Communicate with large accounts

6. Improve brand awareness


Email brings businesses into contact with customers for less than it cost to send out any print media or to call clients and prospective clients.

Hands down, email is one of, if not the, most powerful form of business communication available right now.

Email marketing brings:

1. Businesses closer to their clients through value driven announcements, offers, and promotional mailings.

2. Businesses the ability to get to know their clients and potential clients on a more personal basis.

3. Businesses the advantage of several different forms of email advertising.

A few examples include:

(A) offering "email only" discounts to encourage potential clients to contact them.

(B) offering electronic newsletters to keep clients and prospective clients of company events, news and industry information.

(C) offering a way to track prospective and current clients specific interests and tailor communications to appeal to those interest.

Business around the world are starting to realize the importance and power of email marketing.

How Do Business Benefit From Email Marketing?

Email marketing offers businesses the ability to not only stay in touch with current clients and prospects it also gives them the ability to track and test various aspects of their marketing communications and campaigns.

Business can:

1. Find out what customers interest are and create custom communications to appeal to those clients interest.

2. Find out what problems their prospects want solved and offer specific solutions based on the data.

3. Improve retention and customer relations by providing timely answers to questions and helpful support.

4. Interact with loyal clients in a timely fashion. Increasing the likelyhood they will continue to do business with the company.

Business around the world are discovering the power of email marketing.

Forbes magazine doesn't have an online version of their popular magazine by accident or for fun.

Forbes, like many large companies reconizes the need for interactive email and online marketing communications.

In Summary

Whatever the business is seeking be it branding reconigtion or retaining loyal clients email marketing makes it much easier to do accomplish these tasks.

Jason Mann is a business owner and writer who specializes in writing web-based content. For more information about his services visit

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