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Free Mailing Lists: Good Or Bad?

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Advantages of the free mailing lists

The free newsletters are a great way to build a relationship with your customers, or with your potential buyers. Online, only a very small percentage of your visitors will buy on their first visit to your site. So, if you don't get their name and email address, you just lost them forever. Instead, you can invite them to subscribe to free mailing lists and keep in touch with them later on.

The second advantage of a free mailing list, if you are only starting out, is that it allows you to prove to people that you really know your stuff. This way, you can start with a free mailing lists and later on, you can sell a membership to your readers, offering them more information in the paid version. This optio is very popular at this time. First, you send a free newsletter, you give some very valuable information to your readers. They love and try your information. They make money using your information. And then you come in with a membership site, or a paid mailing list, and your subscribers are ready to buy from you because they have already discovered how much money they are making using your information.

Using this tactic also has another great advantage : good free mailing lists let you charge a higher monthly fee to paying subscribers later on then if you start with a paid mailing list right away.

Free mailing lists: when to avoid them

If you give away very niche market information, that nearly no one else online knows about, it is often better to avoid the free mailing lists option, unless you can really give out a bit of valuable information for free first. If you can't, just go with the paid option right away.

Where to find free mailing lists

There are many good free mailing lists directories online that list thousands of newsletters, divided in categories to help you find quickly what you are looking for. If you need information to learn how to start your own free mailing lists, I invite you to take my free course about it. It will also give you exclusive access to my free mailing lists resources.

Stephanie Hetu
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