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How Opt-in Email Marketing Helps You In Your Online Business

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The consumer of today is increasingly bombarded by marketing messages from various media channels. For those that tire of the constant onslaught of ads, they have the option to "opt-out". They may choose not to open up your email ads or simply "mute" their remote control so that they don't listen to your audio message.

So, how do you, as a online marketer, ensure that your marketing messages reach your customer? What steps can you take so that your marketing campaign is "read", "seen" or "heard"?

The answer: Provide opt-in email marketing.

Opt-in email marketing provides a reasonable, go-to-the-market model that will ensure that your messages are "read", "seen" or "heard".

What is email opt-in marketing all about?

Opt-in marketing is not merely a one-time process about asking your customer to opt-in or opt-out of a specified medium (in this case, your autoresponder emails).

It involves the customer giving you the permission to send your marketing materials and giving you private information on where to send them to. The customer is more likely to "read", "hear" or "see" your marketing message if he/she has already given you the prior permission to do so.

In the highest form, opt-in email marketing involves an ongoing, evolving relationship between you and the customer. The relationship is one that becomes increasingly focused, with the relevant exchange of information and value.

The steps to an online opt-in email marketing principally involves:

1) Placing your ad in websites that your prospect are likely to visit.

2) Providing an opt-in box to collect mailing information from your prospect and getting his/ her permission for you to start a possible email relationship.

3) Giving a freebie to your prospect to "opt-in". The freebie has to be relevant in theme to what you are selling.

4) Offering an email course, teaching the consumer about the product or service.

5) Continually reinforcing the incentive for your prospect to remain on your subscriber list. This can be by offering him/her quality content on a related topic of interest, etc.

6) Providing more incentives to get to know more about your customer. You may at this point, conduct surveys to build your database of information on customer preferences. You can then easily match your products to the customer needs.

Opt-in email marketing has lots of benefits for you and your customer:

* Increased customer loyalty due to constant contact.

* Customer needs and preferences are met.

* Increased "word of mouth" referral for your products or services as the customer becomes more satisfied.

* Increased sales for your other products and services.

* Lower cost per order because marketing waste is minimized.

Note that, in order to retain your customers, what you must continually offer is value. Otherwise, your subscriber can easily "opt-out" and you would have lost a prospect.

The burden is on you to build and nurture the relationship. Customer loyalty cannot be taken for granted, it has to be earned. Turning the loyalty into trust will surely propel your profits.

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