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How To Create Gold With Email Promotions - Part 1

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First make sure that the people you are sending your offer to are actually interested in what you are offering.

Often people contact me and ask me to promote their product to my list. If it isn't congruent with the products I have then I never cross the line and promote them to my list.

People give you their details trusting you to let them know when something good becomes available.

Don't blow it by talking about something they're clearly not interested in.

Personalize every email you send out, especially in the Subject Heading.

If there is something we are attracted to its ourselves. When we hear or see our own name we always give it a higher priority.

In this time of rampant spamming and internet jokes doing the rounds we are now conscious of how much time is wasted with this amazing so called time saving technology.

You want to maximize the chances of your email being read so keep it personal.

Everything you do in marketing has to showcase the benefits to the reader.

Too many times people send out an offer without having the benefits to the customer emphasized in the headline.

People only ever care about how something is going to help them either make their life less painful or make it more pleasurable.

Having a benefit to the customer in the headline can do this for you.

Think about your product or service from your customer's perspective.

What are the benefits that are going to interest them?

Is your product or service going to save them time and or money?

How is it going to improve their lives?

Write headlines that showcase emphasize these benefits.

Try to use power words in the headline!

One of the most powerful words you can have in the headline is You.

Don't forget people are so busy now they will only give your email a limited amount of their concentration. Therefore you should summarize your offer in the first paragraph.

If it's compelling enough it should grab the reader's attention and make them want to read further.

To Be Continued!

Scott Wilson - Internet Business Opportunity Creator and Internet Business Coach. Owner of and

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