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Newsletter Template: Should You Use Them?

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There is currently a huge demand online for newsletter templates. In fact, if you are a graphic designer looking for some new work to do, you should really think about creating some newsletter template and selling them on your site!

Presently, most companies have there own website, that is not necessarily making them that much money, so they are trying to find other ways to increase there revenues online. They have asked around to find out that there is a lot of money to be made with free mailing lists on a site, so they are looking to start one. And to do so, they often want to pay as little as possible, so they go over to their favourite search engine and search for a newsletter template they can use to start their mailing list.

Newsletter template or text format

When you start your newsletter, you have two options. You can send it either using a newsletter template, which will be in HTML format, or you can send it in text format. Many people will decide to go directly and only with the newsletter template option, because they find it nicer visually.

Personally, when I am given the choice, I always choose the text format. Why? It take less space in my mailbox! But this does not mean you should never use a newsletter template for your companies newsletter!

The best solution is to offer a choice to your subscribers when they subscribe to your newsletter. This way, everyone will be happy.

When is it essential to use a newsletter template

In some cases, you must go with a newsletter template instead of text format. Why? Because sometime, when you sell something online, a picture is worth a thousand words.

For example, if you are trying to sell a beautiful object to your list, you have more chances to sell it if people see it than if you just try to find the right words to describe it!

Newsletter template conclusion

The best place to find graphics templates for your newsletter is by doing a search in your favourite search engine. You will find many good sites offering a large variety of ready-made templates, and you can often get them to personalised it a little, adding your company logo and contact information.

Stephanie Hetu
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