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Seven Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Email Marketing Profitability

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1. The Power of Seven

When choosing a price point for your product, studies have shown that prices ending with a number 7 (specifically in the dollar amount) sell more. In other words, set your price at $27.95, $47.95, $87.95 etc. Want evidence? Just look at any major marketing site online and see how they price. The number 7 has been proven to be the most appealing number.

2. Leave Them Wanting More

When constructing your sales letter, try to make it carry over to multiple pages. Create the impression of added value by ending each page with a question or a phrase that makes the visitor have to go to your next page. Something as simple as, "To see the 7 exciting bonuses that come with every package..." You get the idea. Each page adds to the perceived value of the product. Leave them wanting more at the end of every page.

3. A Great Traffic Generator

Place a free news ticker on your web site. Having fresh content makes your site much more important in the eyes of Search Engines. You can choose a topic relevant to your web site. Check out and get a free news ticker today.

4. Increase Your Credibility

Would you believe something as simple as your handwritten signature on your site can make a big difference in how you are perceived? Scan your signature, edit it into a web graphic and use it on your page in the signature/guarantee area. When someone sees your guarantee combined with your signature, it increases your credibility by leaps and bounds.

5. The Wisdom of Simplicity

Use short, to-the-point sentences in your sales letter. Keep your words simple. Remember, you are not teaching an English or vocabulary class. The simpler and easier to read, the better.

6. Use a Secure Server for Orders

Make sure you are using a secure server for credit card transactions. I've seen too many sites accepting credit cards on a non-secure page, and while this doesn't necessarily mean there will be a problem, it is perception that counts. Convincing people that it is safe to purchase online is an ongoing battle; don't make it any harder than it has to be.

7. The Power of a P.S.

Did you know that most people look directly at the end of a letter first? (Don't you?) We all look to see who it is from, how they sign off, and what the P.S. is about. So don't miss the opportunity - include a P.S. in your sales letters that restates your main offer and benefits.

Well, these ideas have been used by many successful internet marketers to increase the profitability of their email marketing. I hope they prove to be beneficial to you as well.

GREG PURNELL is an internationally-known speaker and Internet Entrepreneur. Born in Dallas, Texas, he has lived in Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Papua New Guinea and other countries as a business consultant, language learner, and good-news ambassador.

Considered a top Internet marketer, Greg is the Editor of the award-winning "How to Make Money from Home" online newsletter.

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