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No doubt email is still the best way to get a quick response from your prospect. Big companies on the web have realized this that they have implemented free email address service on their web site. This free email awareness has even reached Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, and InfoSeek. They knew that being a search engine is not enough that they've even turned into a hotmail web site. We'll recruit your people under you.

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Search engines knew that they need to reach their users via email and incorporating successful email marketing that works. I'm here to reveal their secrets.

How can we go about writing successful email marketing that really works.

1. Think Before You Write.

This is obviously the very basic foundation that most of us internet marketers have neglected. For us, words are easy to come by and we haven't done our targeting yet. Target it to your customers and compose an email that will always refer back to your web site and services you sell.

2. Target Narrowly and Carefully.

Search engine categories have helped me a lot in writing a brief but carefully targeted articles. There are even free services that lets you create your own email group such as, and

Just be careful not to spam or you'll end up getting flames in your email box.

3. Keep It Short.

No we're not stupid in doing this. Studies have shown that sending a very long email to prospects will let them send it to their waste baskets. Be brief and highlight your product's effectiveness in two to three sentences and provide the URL. Try to discuss one topic per email you send.

4. Offer Free Items If They Continue To Be A Subscriber.

Just saying "Thank You for being a subscriber" is worth millions to them. Extend it a little further. Why not add "Here's your free gift and thank You For referring me to your friends."

5. Offer Free Sample Articles.

Tell them straight or lead them to your archives of articles. So, they will know that you're not sending them to buy, buy and buy. You want them to be helped, satisfied and become a reseller.

Here's my sample articles.

6. Cross-sell To Your Subscribers.

Give them valuable discounts if they buy from you. Obviously, you can convince them to get another free item for a limited time if they buy.

7. Personalize.

You can go to so that every time you send an email you can address them by their own name.

8. Re-read and Re-write.

You know what when I've finished a certain article I usually let it linger for a week and then I read it again. I usually ask myself "Is this me writing my heart out? or is it just to make money from this article?"

Giving your hearts out to your visitors will earn you their trusts which in turn persuade them to buy from you.

9. Be Honest.

If you can't provide the service they want, then you can refer them to someone else. I have an affiliate which hosts 50+ other companies who's willing to pay you a commission if you refer someone. Email me for details. you can go straight to it by going to my web site and click on "Affiliate Program" under "Utilities" section.

10. Follow-up In A Timely Manner.

Of course, having your own database of email addresses you've contacted or have contacted you will benefit you in the long run. Just be patient to add to it.

Soon you will benefit from it, always be there when they need you.

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