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The Magic Of Email

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These days email is taken for granted and used perhaps without fully appreciating its power.

For example, recently I had some concerns about whether or not my newsletter was being properly delivered through the automated service that I use.

I decided to send a note to my subscribers and ask them to simply reply to let me know that they received my message which was sent through the same automated system.

Very soon I began to receive hundreds of replies from all over the world to let me know my message was getting through. I replied to each one personally to express my gratitude for their reply and for my appreciation of the ease of communication through the World Wide Web.

The messages I received were not limited to simple replies to let me know that my newsletter was being received. I began to receive the most wonderful testimonials of gratitude!

Subscribers wrote to tell me that my newsletter makes a difference in their lives - and that they forward it to friends they care about.

I began several profound email exchanges with subscribers who told me that something they read in my newsletter had been a turning point for them after years of not knowing that they could live life differently.

Imagine how I felt to learn that one simple thing I shared could make such a difference in someone's life!

I was overjoyed!

Email is a powerful tool and it can be used to do good in the world. The next time you send an email, know that you could just be putting a smile on someone's face or communicating with someone who needs to to be touched by something that you say.

Just think! If I had not sent that one little email, I may never have known I was making a difference in a big way!

May your email make a difference in someone's life today!

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