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The Name Squeeze ? Should You? Shouldn?t You?

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This is a little "beauty" of an idea if you want to grow a massive list QUICKLY! But some are wary of trying it. They worry it turns customers away.

Well here is what I think of that, if the person was never prepared to give you their email address in the first place then chances are they were just a tyre pusher not looking to buy anything from you anyways.

I have tested both methods in a few different niches I have running. This is the type of result I received from using no "name squeeze" and actually using a "name squeeze". I found that by using no name squeeze my sign up rate to my newsletter was around 20% when I started using a name squeeze I jumped up to 50%.

Without a doubt this "name squeeze" begun to increase my sales dramatically. And not only through my emailing list but also from the initial "impulse buy". From making my site so exclusive that you must enter an email address has made an impact on the "importance" of the hidden information that's tucked away on the other page.

When I saw these results I can assure you that any doubt I originally had of this "name squeeze" turning people off or turning them away quickly left my mind! If your not sure if the name squeeze for you, why don't you at least trial and test it for a week or two or even split test it! I doubt you'll be disappointed!

? Joanne King -

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