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3 Steps to Creating Your Own Ezine to Increase Web Site Traffic!

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What if I showed you a simple way to increase web site traffic that could sky-rocket your sales and make you an internet expert.

Would you be interested?

I sure hope so?

First, you have to remember the primary reason people get on to the internet. In case you have forgotten, it is to get INFORMATION. If this is the only thing you take from this article I will be pleased, because it is that important!

Articles provide a great way to get your message out and increase web site traffic. However, publishing an ezine is much more effective because you have a captive audience that is interested in getting your information. The reason they are interested is because they have given you permission to send them your publication by subscribing to it.

A subscriber is a much greater asset than a web site visitor, in the sense that you will be able to communicate to them for as long as you produce your ezine, or until they decide to opt-out.

So remember, when it comes down to which you would rather have?A hit on your site or a subscriber? The subscriber should win every time.

Now that we have determined that the internet is an information platform that CAN be utilized to make transactions and the importance of subscribers to your ebusiness. Let's begin laying out the 3 steps to create your own ezine and increase web site traffic.

Step 1 - Decide on the Topic of Your Ezine Based on Your Niche.

The theme of your ezine needs to be built around your niche. Therefore, if your site is about quilting then you would need to publish an ezine about how to quilt. It could include topics and articles that would be of interest to quilters and possibly even collectors of quilts.

Make sure you stay niche driven! Don't get away from the theme of your web site.

Most of all do not try to be everything to everybody. If quilting is a broad topic you might want to focus on certain aspects of quilting.

Now that you have determined the theme or topic of your ezine here are a few things to consider before you put it all together:

- Determine how often you will publish your ezine. (i.e. monthly, weekly, etc.)

- Will you sell advertising space in your ezine? Most do, but you do not have to. You need to think about your readers, if you think they will be offended by a few ads then you might not want to. I have found that most people do not mind a few ads, just keep it to no more than 3 per issue.

- Are you going to allow other people to submit articles to your ezine? You will get tired of writing all of the content yourself, but make sure that you use quality articles that do not have a bunch of typos and grammatical errors.

Those are a few things to consider before you start to distribute your ezine.

Let's move on to the 2nd step.

Step 2 - Build a List.

It's not the size of your list that matters, it's how good it converts!

You need to focus on techniques to build your list. It is important to have a big list, but not as important as having a quality list. That is why I do not recommend buying subscribers. It is best to build the list yourself!

Below are some ideas to help you grow your list:

- Use pop-ups on your site to encourage visitors to sign up for your ezine.

- Make sure you have a subscribers box on every page of your web site.

- Give away a free e-book or mini-course to encourage people to subscribe. People like free stuff!

- Write articles on topics that are relevant to your ezine. Distribute them to article directories, announcement lists, and to other ezine publishers promoting your ezine. Make sure to put a link in the resource box to your auto-responder.

- Utilize Joint Ventures with other ezine publishers to grow your list. You could do Adswaps with them or even ad their ezine to your subscriber's thank you page in return for adding yours to their thank you page.

- Use Pay per Click advertising to urge people to subscribe.

These are some basic, but very powerful ideas to rapidly grow your subscriber's list. I can guarantee you that if you implement these tactics you will see your subscribers grow by leaps and bounds.

Let's go to the last step.

Step 3 - Promote Your Ezine.

In order to have an ezine that is an effective marketing tool you need to promote it. People have to know that the ezine exists! Follow these tips and they will not only know that it exists, but you will have a monster on your hands.

- Submit your ezine to ezine directories and announcement lists. I have listed a few below for you to utilize:

- Ezine Directories:

1. Directory of Ezines:

2. Ezine-Universe:

3. The Ezine Directory:

- Ezine Announcement Lists:

1. 100 Sightings:

2. 1_List_Advertising:

3. A Announcer:

- Create a web site specifically to host your ezine. Use this web site to promote your ezine, store your archived copies of previous issues, and to gain new subscribers.

- Write articles promoting your ezine and submit them across the internet. Send them to other ezine publishers for submission into their ezine. Make sure you have a link to your auto-responder in your resource box.

- Pursue Joint Ventures with other ezine publishers that will be of benefit to you and your ezine.

By using these 3 steps you can and will develop and distribute a successful ezine. Most ezines never gain the popularity that their publisher hopes for. The reason for this is that they lack quality content in their ezine and never fully promote it.

Keep these 3 key factors in mind and you will have a prosperous and profitable ezine:

1. Stay Niche driven.
2. Grow your list with high quality subscribers.
3. Promote, promote, promote.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your ezine publishing endeavors.

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