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Article Marketing: How to Submit Your Articles at Turbo Speed

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Want to become an article-writing machine? Here are a few tricks for submitting articles on the internet at top speed and accuracy.

As always, you should first type your article text into a Word document and save it on your hard drive. Many article sites offer space on their servers for your work, but ideally you should have a home for it on your own computer- just in case. Next, transfer your article text from your Word file to the article submission box. The quickest way to do this is to "set it all up" ahead of time.

Quick Copy-and-Paste Article Transfer

Start by finding a music CD of your choice that will get you into some kind of groove. Pop that into your Discman, CD player or whatever else you like to listen to your tunes on, and settle down in front of the computer. Take a deep breath, sit up straight, palm the mouse and then do the following:

1. Log in to your account (or whatever other account you may be using to submit articles.)

2. Go to your existing Author Bio and hit Control-A (Highlight All) and then Control-C (Copy).

3. Go back to the Word file where your article is located and scroll to the end of your article, after the copyright line. Type Control-V (Paste) and add your bio text.

4. Now type Control-A (Highlight All). The text of your entire article and bio will be highlighted. Type Control-C (Copy).

5. Return to your article submission box and do a Control-V (Paste). Both the article text and the Author Bio will now be housed in the place where your article lives.

6. Scroll down to the end of your article text; that's where the Author Bio is. You are going to remove it from here and pop it into the Author Bio box.

7. Highlight the Author Bio text with your mouse and then do a Control-X (simultaneous Delete and Copy).

8. Go into the Author Bio Box and Control-V (Paste). Your author bio should now land in the proper place.

Note: when writing articles for the internet, it's wise to break up your text into easy-to-read sections. Bolded subheadlines will guide the reader's eye down the page, thereby holding their attention on that excellent copy that you took such care in writing!

Here's a formula for adding bold, ital and other HTML tags to your articles in a hurry.

1. Type your entire article in regular type, with no code.

2. Go to the first sentence that you want bolded and type your < B > code (but without spaces).

3. Highlight the HTML Bold tag that you just typed, and hit Control-C (for Copy).

4. Now go to the end of the line where you want the Bold to stop and hit Control-V (for Paste). Now add a / mark before the B in that end tag.

5. Scan the article from top to bottom wherever you want bold, copying and pasting tags where necessary.

6. Go back to the top and repeat the process for Italic, if you have that in your article too.

Bonus Tip: To get your mouse to the beginning or end of a long page of text (such as an article), type Control-A (Highlight All), and then the Up or Down Arrow. If you accidentally delete it, just hit Control-Z (Undo) and it should appear again.

A quick copy-and-paste routine like the ones I just described really comes in handy when submitting articles in mass distribution. Faster is better! Have fun.

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

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