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DOUBLE Your Profits from These TEN Tips on Sending Email Ads

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1. Make your ad prominent:

This can be done by keeping special characters like *, >, # , = etc. You can put these on top and bottom of your 5 line ad. Leave an extra white spce above and below your ad. This gap pulls readers eyes towards that spot.

2. Offer a discount:

Make it time sensitive. It will encourage your subscriber to check the product as soon as he sees the link. When they come to your website, try to get their email. Offer a free ecourse or free download. Once they provide their email, you can follow up them with your follow up autoresponder.

3. Use one line attractive heading:

Like "THREE Day Dis*count offer!" "FR*EE Upgrades!"

Remember while you using certain words like free, discount, unsubscribe, debt, money etc which are spam trigger words.

4. Ad position:

Use Top or middle space in the ezine/emailing for your ad. More chances to be clicked by the reader.

5. Target Ezine:

Don't select the ezine based on price or number of subscribers. Select the ezine in which you are wishing to promote your email ad based on the similarity between your product/service and the ezine.

The more it targeted, more will be the click throughs and buyers. For example, if you send an ad related to golf to self-improvement ezines, it's not going pull much results. You should send it to sports ezine subscribers especially golf ezines.

6. Tracking the ads:

You can track your ads by using any online tracking software or by creating a seperate html page for that ad. This way you can know which ad pulling good results.

7. Tip on selecting an Ezine:

Check if the ezine that you are going to send the ad is published on the web. Means some ezine publishers post their ezines online as archives. If they did, your ad will become a source for the visitors as the ezine get indexed in the search engine results.

8. Subscribe yourself:

Subscribe to the ezine that you want to send your ad. And follow up few publications. How ads will be placed, how many ads per issue, any bonus or discount offered on bulk order, how good the articles are etc etc. This way you can estimate the reliability of an ezine.

9. Price does matters:

If you want to display your product/service price, do it in a way that it will look cheaper. For example, don't say $25.00/month. Say it - "Less than 80 cents per day to get the Exact results you want!"

10. URLs in your email ads:

Check your urls working or not. Don't put long links, they may breakup so they give 404 errors. Put the link that takes the person directly to your product page. Don't let them land on home page and expect to dig on your web site for the product link.

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