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How to Get More Sign-Ups to Your Newsletter

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It never seems to amaze me how often I still see to this very day where people have gone to the effort of creating a hum dinger newsletter and paid for a good emailing responder but haven't made their offer juicy enough on their website to get mass amounts of people to sign up.

Now think to yourself, if your visiting a website would you truly sign up if it all reads is "Sign Up Here for My Newsletter" or would you be more enticed to sign up to something that reads more like "Sign Up for my Newsletter and go in the Competition to Receive a Free T-shirt" (or whatever it is you got to offer).

Personally I know which one jumps out at me with leaps and bounds. The truth is when people see the word "free" it grabs their attention. And I'm no different, even knowing that; as soon as I see "free" on the page I want to know what is being given away? maybe it's something I'd really like.

What you offer for free doesn't have to cost you a sent. It could be a free report on the product or service you are providing, a free e-book or downloadable audio file. The good thing with offering something like this for free is it gives you yet another chance to advertise to your potential customers plus build more credibility to your company or product by showing your customer "you really do know all about this stuff".

? Joanne King -

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