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Re-evaluating The Purpose Of An E-Zine

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With all of the push these days to publish an E-Zine as an online marketer, deciding whether to accept articles and paid advertising is becoming nothing more than a quick second thought. As E-Zines are increasingly turning into mere tools to generating sales, people are turning more to pre-written content. Are E- Zines loosing their aire of freshness as an outlet for true discussion?

I personally subscribe to numerous E-Zines just to see what others are writing about. Most simply circulate the same articles written by a chosen few without writing any original content themselves. Coming up with clean fresh ideas truly takes work, but don't you owe it to your subscribers?

Times are busy and life is rushing by. People simply do not have the time to sit and read every article, commentary, or advertisement that passes their eyes. As the commercial marketplace becomes increasingly saturated with hype after hype, people are developing a keen sense about worthwhile

I like to think of my weekly E-Zine issue as a get together with your closest friends over coffee, wine, a beer, or whatever they wish to entertain. Would you repeat the identical conversation week after week?

When just starting out with your E-Zine, your relationship with your subscribers is analogous to a first date. It is the same for authors who publish in other E-Zines or for inclusion of outside ads in your publication. Subscribers just don't know anything about you.

Why not build a relationship with your subscribers? They came to you wanting information. Don't simply give them "cut and paste". Give them you. Add freshness. Add your insight. Your humor. Your perspective. If you honestly talk to them they will listen. Your friends would. Wouldn't they?

I don't pretend for one minute that building this relationship will be easy, only fruitful. There are a few guidelines that will maximize the strength of our subcriber relationship.

  • Be honest and let it come across in your writing sent to your subscribers.
  • Send your online publication on a periodic basis at the same time and on the same day. This is the begining of trust. People want to know when to expect receiving correspondence from you.
  • Give weekly updates as to what they can expect in the future issues. No surprises builds trust. Moreover if you focus on content and write captivating articles your readers will sit in anticipation of the next discussion. Tell them that the list is tentative to leave yourself a bit of flexibility.
  • Refrain from advertisements or sales copy when building your list.
  • After you take time to put yourself into your E-Zine, then decide if you want to let anyone else in. Don't be tempted by the quickness of using someone else's content and profits from paid advertising. Develop first a high content electronic publication. Self satisfaction, praise, and the esteem of others will result.

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    Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of, a site devoted to providing resources for small budget home businesses. He has a PhD in Physics, two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his free E-Zine on home business resources at or by visiting his Home Based Business site.

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