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What?s In Your Resource Box (SIG File)?

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One of the most important things you can do to improve your visibility and connect with customers or clients is to create a strong personal branding statement in your resource box. I'm not talking about adding your job title. I'm talking about including what it is you really do.

* What is the most important benefit you provide to your customers and your company?

* What can you do better than anyone else? What problem or issue can you resolve?

What is your personal branding statement? That's what I want you to tell me in your resource box or signature file. This is not a one time effort. It will take some time refining your message to its core. Writing a good one-liner is really hard and it will take several attempts to create a good one. Collect outside opinions. What is important to you might not be important to your audience.

I recently struggled with a one-liner for an article I was writing. I wanted to explain what I did as a packaging consultant/speaker/expert. I'm going to share with you some of my labors in this effort. I started out with the typical list: expert, guru, speaker, and consultant. Then decided I needed more of a position statement.

What do I really provide my clients? Who I am? I'm a 30+ year packaging industry expert, consultant, author and speaker. Didn't I just write that? Isn't it that simple? No way! How do I turn that into a meaningful, powerful branding statement? The answer lies in ascertaining what benefits I provide.

Here are some examples of the ideas I can up with on my first attempt:

I teach people how to package products so that people will buy them.

I train companies on what consumers really want and need in their product packaging.

I educate businesses on how to transform their brands though packaging innovation.

I bring manufacturers and buyers together though packaging innovation.

I provide competitive merchandising tactics though packaging.

I show people how to get consumers to buy their products though packaging.

I advise groups on how to target their product message so consumers will purchase their product.

I coach manufactures on the best ways to position their packaged products.

I show why people won't buy your products.

I demonstrate why packaging should be the forethought not the afterthought.

Which one-liner would compel you to know more? In exchange for your answer via email I will send you a copy of "How to Become an Expert in Your Field" ($10 value).

Try to find the best way to combine these options, provide the best description and make it memorable. Once you have the statement hammer out, start using it in your resource box after your name. In addition to your personal branding statement you also need your contact details (list the best way to reach you first), your email address and website(s).

Don't take this closing lightly. It leaves a lasting impression people so make sure it is powerful enough that they will want to know more.

JoAnn Hines' specialty is PACKAGING PEOPLE.
Whether you want to be paid more, you just lost your job, or you want to progress in the one you have, Ms. Hines advice and expertise can help you transform your personal brand. She can show you how to package yourself and make your brand a hot commodity. It's easy once you know the ropes and begin to utilize her insider's secrets. She shows you step by step how to increase your visibility, credibility and marketability with easy to use tutorials and templates.

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