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Finding the GOLD with Ezines and Google!

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How'd you go with your product search?

Here's another way to help you find out if there's a market for your idea.

Go to or and you can subscribe to e-zines that have your keywords as topics in them.

When these e-zines come in, you can check out what the competition are doing with the type of advertisements they are running.

Also go to different newsgroups such as see what people are talking about, and what thair problems are.

If you can find a recurring problem being spoken about, then it might mean there is an opening for you to create a product you can create to provide a solution.

Don't forget to look in Google and some of the other search engines to see how many people have paid for sponsored links.

If there's no competion then it might mean that there is no market.

Competition is good! You want to find markets that people are already making money in, because this means there's a market for your idea.

This a key point and one that is missed by lots of people. To many people look for markets where there is no competition and wonder why people aren't buying their products. You have to be prepared to do some research.

Good luck with this idea, please let me know your feedback at

Have Fun and Take Care

Scott Wilson

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