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Newsletter Software

What types of newsletter software can I use to make the creation and publishing of my newsletter an easier task?

Newsletter Software can be divided into different categories.

1. Executable newsletter software
2. Scripted newsletter software

Executable Newsletter Software

This is a program you download and install on your own computer. Software you may need to create and publish a newsletter can be among these different programs.

? Email program ? Used to send and receive email. Most people use Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or similar to do this.

? Mailer program ? Used to send mail out to one or many recipients or mailing lists. The term bulk mailer is used here to name the process of mailing many people at once.

? Newsletter writing and formatting program ? Used to create, manage or format the content of your newsletter. Many uses software like word, notepad, wordpad, Ziney or even programmers editors.

Scripted Newsletter Software

Script is normally hosted on a web server. This could be your own server or some company offering the service to the public. Most commonly known uses of these scripts are,

? Autoresponders ? More or less the same as a combination between an email program and a mailer program. Bit with the added touch of being able to automatically subscribe/unsubscribe subscribers, as well as send timed emails to the subscriber list.

? Text format services ? There are some online versions of programs like ziney and other that offer the user help with the task of formatting the text used in your newsletter.

? Combinations of all the above.

Software you install on your own computer or your own server will normally be a once in a lifetime cost while the hosted (by others) scripted solutions normally has a monthly cost.

Kenth "The Designer" Nasstrom is the owner of , where you can download free text, word and html formatted templates. Also visit for more newsletter resources.

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