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The most critical piece of software in my article submission arsenal is EzineAnnouncer. I've been using EzineAnnouncer, developed by Jason Potash, for ten months with a great deal of success and just a little aggravation.

EzineAnnouncer automates ezine submission to directories and announcement lists, registration of articles in directories, submission of articles to ezines and article announcement lists and posting and tracking of free ezine ads. Article and ezine submission projects that used to take me a dozen hours each are now reduced by more than half which greatly improves my efficiency and profit margin.

EzineAnnouncer is easy to install and comes with five tutorial videos that are a must view for new users. Without viewing the videos even the most seasoned computer professional can have problems getting started with EzineAnnouncer. Even after viewing the videos I had some questions which were answered by Jason in a timely manner.

Included with EzineAnnouncer is a database of article directories and announcement lists, ezine directories, free ad ezines, ezine announcement lists and numerous ezines that accept article submissions. Unfortunately, the current database is sadly out-of-date which is not a problem if, like me, you have your own database which can easily be added to the software. Jason has assured me that a newly updated database will be available in January with all current owners receiving a free copy.

The real value of EzineAnnouncer, in my opinion, is the automation of submissions. Many of the included resources require the use of submission forms and each form is different. The database has each form pre-filled using macros and the information you provide when setting up your ezine or article. E-mail submissions are made using premade e-mail templates that are easily customized for each submission project.

EzineAnnouncer keeps track of submissions and projects by providing an onscreen report so that you can start and stop submissions without losing your place.

Technical support for EzineAnnouncer is said to be available by e-mail but in ten months of use I have yet to receive a response to my requests for technical support. Fortunately my issues were minor and I was able to fix the problems myself by backing up the database and reinstalling the software.

EzineAnnouncer has allowed me to make hundreds of dollars and saved me countless hours while handling submission projects for clients. This is a necessary tool for anyone promoting ezines or articles if you can handle the minor issues that accompany the use of most software programs. EzineAnnouncer comes with a six month guarantee so risk of purchasing is minimal.

Visit for more information about EzineAnnouncer and Jason Potash.

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